Zenark Sample embedded RSS Feed

This page simply shows an ElectricSearch RSS feed with stories selected from inside the ElectricSearch website system appearing in a 3rd party website.

The stories to the left have been chosen using the ElectricSearch Customer RSS Feed system and are then embedded into any webpage using easy-to-follow HTML code and Javascript.

This is quick and easy to set up using a model similiar to Googles embedded Ad system and can be added to any website very quickly.

Sample Code :
<script language="javascript">
 var electricsearch_rssmode = "full";
  var electricsearch_rssurl = "http://www.electricsearch.net/zenark.xml";
  var electricsearch_stylesheetname = "style.css";

  var electricsearch_iframeborder = "0";
  var electricsearch_iframewidth  = "600";
  var electricsearch_iframeheight = "100%";
  var electricsearch_iframescrolling = "on";

<script language="javascript" src="http://localhost:18080/rss.js"></script>
Instead of using a Stylesheet you can add the following JavaScript variables to the above to completely control the look of the site.
  var electricsearch_style_body;        // The embedded Page style
  var electricsearch_style_article;     // Each Story style
  var electricsearch_style_title;       // The Title
  var electricsearch_style_title_hover; // The Title when hovering
  var electricsearch_style_date; 	// The Date
  var electricsearch_style_source;      // The Source Website
  var electricsearch_style_description; // The body of each story